Your Personal Marketing Team
Digital Marketing Specialists for Gyms, Health Clubs, Online Trainers, and eCommerce Products.
You run your business. We'll run your marketing.
Get get back to what you love. We'll provide you with the right tools.
Digital Marketing Team
We have a team of Copywriters, Designers, Analysts, and Advertising Specialists collaborating on your campaigns.
Marketing Tools
We utilize the best digital marketing tools out there so that we can move fast and effectively. 
Real-Time Tracking
With our digital dashboard, you can easily understand your marketing performance and manage day-to-day improvements in minutes.
We know you love your job, but with all the demands on your time — opening the gym, cleaning it, hiring trainers, training clients, and keeping up with your family, staying in touch with your friends — you never have as much time as you'd like to dedicate toward acquiring new customers and expanding your business. 

It feels like the time you do have is always spent playing catch up.

We know how hard it is to run a business, and that's why we want to help.

Gym Autopilot takes the guesswork out of your digital marketing because we create and run it all for you.

And our campaigns work. 

We've helped hundreds of fitness businesses find new clients, get better leads, and expand their business.
Get a Digital Marketing team for just a fraction of what an in-house member would cost.
By harnessing the power of collaborative consumption you can get all of the access with none of the overhead.
Get your day back with a dedicated Automation Specialist.
We have the skills to handle all of your digital marketing needs, and can start relieving your stress immediately.
Our automation specialists can help with:
 Social Media Creation/Posting
 Online Advertising (Facebook/Instagram, AdWords, YouTube)
 Landing Page Design & Development
 Email Follow-up + Automation
We're already helping clients just like you
We pride ourselves on getting you back to doing what you actually enjoy doing. Here’s how Gym Autopilot works with health/fitness businesses.
"Teaming up with Gym Autopilot has saved me time, generated a ton of new business, and more importantly allows me to focus on what I really love to do. We had an average ROI of 400% on every Facebook Advertising Campaign that they run for us."


Owner, Beautiful Bodies Boot Camp
"It felt like Gym Autopilot was a part of my team. I would highly recommend Gym Autopilot to any gym owner that needs to delegate out marketing tasks to focus on more important business needs. They always succeed in getting a positive ROI on all of our campaigns."


Owner, One Way Fitness

"We have been working with Gym Autopilot for over 3 years now and with each passing year they have helped our business grow. Gym Autopilot has helped us grow our membership at an extraordinary rate."


Co-Owner, TFW Mahopac
Plans starting at just $998/mo.
Smart, Reliable, and Personable Digital Marketing Specialists
Gym Autopilot provides the tools & services needed to grow your business.
At Gym Autopilot we eat, sleep, and breathe Digital Marketing/Fitness. Stop spending the limited time that you do have with trying to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing strategies....we have you covered!

Our team focuses on one thing: Results.

We pride ourselves in getting our clients a return on their investment and time back on their schedule.
Results That We Got For Clients (Q3 / 2020)
Avg. Cost Per Lead
Avg. Client ROI
Avg. Monthly Hours We Saved Our Clients
People Inspired to Get Healthier
We have a team ready to take Digital Marketing off your hands, forever.
Get your message and brand out to your community. Whether you have a plan that you want to delegate or you're looking for one, we know what works.
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