How Gym Autopilot Works
We provide the tools and marketing services to grow your business.
Here’s what working with Gym Autopilot looks like
-- At the beginning of each month --
We will find out exactly what your marketing goals are. Maybe you want to generate more trial memberships, or you're looking to grow your email subscriber list, or maybe you want to get a workshop/event sold out.

Developing your marketing plan

Connect with our team on your marketing goals. Do you have an idea of what you want to run or do you need recommendations with what's working around the industry? Regardless, we can help! Our automation specialist are experts at finding the biggest areas for you to improve. 
We start by reviewing your past efforts, key metrics, target audience research, and advertising goals. Our team will analyze your past efforts to determine immediate areas to improve, biggest opportunities, and create a high-level strategic plan.
-- During each month --
Once we have all the information that we need, we will build out your first marketing campaign within 7 days and have your marketing dashboard built out within 15 days!
We create your marketing campaign
We have a team of Copywriters, Designers, Analysts, and Facebook Ad Specialists collaborating on your campaigns. 
We manage everything day-to-day
We manage the campaign day-to-day to ensure peak performance with the critical ability to be able to adjust strategy according to data coming in. 
We scale your campaign
We provide consistent rotation of campaigns to prevent “audience fatigue.” Once we achieve a good cost per acquisition, it's time to scale.
-- At the end of each month --
We'll have monthly marketing meetings along the way to strategize on the best areas for maximum returns.

We'll review your digital marketing dashboard together

Part of any succesful marketing campaign is to track your key performance indicators and build your plan based on these numbers. We are tracking everything in real-time and your digital marketing specialist will review each one with you while also recommending tactics on how to improve.
What Can Gym Autopilot Help Me With?
We can help with most of your marketing tasks, letting you focus on what’s most important.
  •  Digital Strategy: Each month we'll deliver tactics to improve all components of your customer journey funnel.
  •  Digital Advertising: We create and manage advertisements across Facebook, Instagram, and Google AdWords.
  •  Landing Page Development: Includes design and setup
  •  Copywriting: For both the landing page and advertisements
  •  Facebook Page Management: Includes daily posts
  •  Local Listing Management: Get listed across 48 directories
  •  Automated Follow-up Sequences: Integrate with your CRM, Newsletters, and text message provider
  •  Generate More Referrals
  •  Generate More 5-Star Online Reviews
  •  Lead Magnets: Grow your email subscriber list and authority 
  •  Support: We are US based, college educated, and always available (business hours) for calls/emails
  •  Analytics: View all important marketing KPI's on our dashboard
What Doesn't Gym Autopilot Do?
These are not included with our Economy and Business Class Memberships. We do have premium partners that we collaborate with on the following if you do need it.
  •  Blog Writing 
  •  Website Development/Changes
  •  Video Production/Editing
  •  Newsletter Management
  •  Graphic Design
  •  Custom Content Writing
  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •  Posting on Instagram or Snapchat: You can however use our Facebook posts to distribute on these platforms.
  •  Sales: We have highly converting templates for you to use and a great follow-up system to assist you along the sales process but ultimately it is your companies responsibility for following-up with the leads that we generate for you.
  •  Custom Development: We host all landing pages, autoresponders, analytics, etc. on our platform. If you are no longer working with us you will lose access to all of this. 
We have a team ready to take Digital Marketing off your hands, forever.
We’re so confident that you’ll love our service, we’ll give you a 14-day money-back guarantee!
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